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The other indices on this site include resources about racism and social justice in general. Here we collect resources specifically relevant to Pagans.


Things I Wish White Pagans Realized

Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir offers a list of issues she encounters repeatedly in Pagan spaces.

… here’s my list of things I wish white Pagans realized when PoC (Pagans of Color) join the circle, (all of these are written in the first person singular, because these are things I WISH they realized, each PoC’s list will be different by a little or a lot, that is part of the joy of dealing with people NOT as a single voice for their ETHNICITY OR RACE, but as the INDIVIDUALS they ARE)


Heathens United Against Racism

An organization with an active Facebook group:

Heathens United Against Racism is a group dedicated to bringing together Heathens who are opposed to racism and co-optation of our beliefs, traditions, and lore by racist groups. This group is open to all interested people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, class, national origin, or political affiliation.


Daughters of Eve: Pagan Women of Color Speak

A blog at Patheos with posts on a wide range of topics. Of particular interest:


Solar Cross Stands For Justice

A public statement from a Pagan organization:

Solar Cross Temple stands on the side of love.

We hold out our hands to our Black and brown neighbors, temple members, and friends. We say, clearly and firmly, we will always stand with you.

Solar Cross Temple comprehends that the Gods and Goddesses walk among us. We see them in the faces of those fallen, and we know that they are also reflected in the hearts and minds of the oppressors. We ask our Gods and Goddesses to help us bring about change. We ask our Gods and Goddesses to help us to bring about justice. We ask our Gods and Goddesses to help us build a better world.


The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel: On Systemic Racism & the Militarization of the Police in the United States

A public statement from a Pagan organization:

This crisis affects all of us, but Black Americans are and have been affected most.  This national failing and shame crosses social, ethical, moral and spiritual arenas, and has permeated our history.  It must be addressed now, unequivocally and bravely, on as many levels as possible.  It is a moral duty to speak out against injustice, educate policy makers, and advocate for change that is in keeping with our spiritual tenets and common human decency.

While each tradition will have to devise the manner in which it can work through faith and practice to support positive evolution, we believe all tradition and faith streams can unite in education and advocacy for change.  We encourage our members and all that read this to explore these issues vigorously, with honesty and a true desire for deep understanding.  We encourage each individual to decide how and when to act in accord with that understanding and to take action as is possible at every opportunity.


Bay Area Reclaiming: Statement from the Racial & Gender Justice Circle 

A public statement:

We, the members of Reclaiming’s Racial and Gender Justice Circle, stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement to end police brutality, murder, and targeting of people of color.


We also acknowledge that people of color, and in particular black people, are being especially targeted today, and still bear the brunt of a long history of dehumanization and exploitation, from the genocide against native peoples to the long years of slavery, from the exploitation of migrant workers to the era of lynching and segregation.


PantheaCon 2013: Pagans and Privilege

This panel discussion moderated by T. Thorn Coyle included Elena Rose, Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir, River Higginbotham and Crystal Blanton. It was covered by a few different people:

There’s also audio of the panel itself.


PantheaCon 2014: Pagans and Privilege

This panel discussion moderated by T. Thorn Coyle including Crystal Blanton, Charlie Glickman, Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir and Elena Rose Vera is available in audio.